Nov 5,2013

Winning Big on a DAILY Basis

I have a new obsession. No, it’s not Lulu Lemon’s fall collection nor it does it have anything to do with kale. It is, however, fantasy football related and it has me HOOKED!

I’m talking about DAILY fantasy.

Yeah, I know it’s been around for a while. I’ve admittedly dabbled in some casual daily fun. Recently though, my usage has been more than recreational. If having a “jam” were still a thing then this would be mine.

It’s been the perfect cure for both my commitment issues and running back woes. No longer do I have to wring my hands over C.J. Spiller or Matt Ryan. Instead, I’m free to try out any potential stud that catches my eye. Now, THAT, is something any lady can get behind.

The gateway to this latest preoccupation has been Fantasy Feud. Their site is easy to navigate and their games are well thought out. In fact, they have an entire “How To Play” tab, which hosts instructional videos, explaining the ins and outs of each type of contest. As if that didn’t make things simple enough, the guys at Fantasy Feud do the research for you. They’ve included a “draftkit” that lists everything from injuries and player news to points against matchups and stadium weather.

I was introduced to Fantasy Feud this past weekend by daily fantasy big dog Nolan Shulman, the site’s digital and community manager. As it just so happens, Nolan’s awesome girlfriend started playing fantasy football this season. To help guide her team to victory, she had the good sense to subscribe to the X’s and Y’s Podcast. Apparently, Mr. Shulman overheard an episode and thought he’d challenge yours truly to a round of Pro Pick’em.

While the battle was hard fought and much closer than I would have liked, TheFFGirl came out on top. Thanks in part to a feeling I had about Geno Smith (?!?!), I managed to squeak out a win by just over 2 points. With that said, I’d be remiss (and kind of a jerk) if I didn’t mention that Nolan had the foresight to start Andrew Luck and the stones to roll with Josh McCown.

And that right there is the beauty of daily fantasy. It’s like getting to go to prom with the super edgy underdog, but then having a totally clean break after graduation!

If you’d like to join in the fun then click HERE and join a FREE contest. You’ve got nothing to lose and money swagger everything to gain. In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll fall down the daily rabbit hole and be jonesing for your next fix, that I’ve arranged for my followers to receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $300.00. Consider it an early holiday gift.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and WIN BIG each and every day!