Nov 19,2014

Who is Ryan Mallett

1432272Before the regular season kicked off, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck were expected to be the most dominant QBs in fantasy. With the exception of Brees giving way to Tom Brady, the top guys were accurately projected. The bottom half of the position, however, has been all over the place. Perennial studs like Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton have disappointed, causing fantasy owners to clench their fists in fits of frustration on an almost weekly basis.

The waiver wire has been a familiar place for owners who took chances on guys like Robert Griffin III or even Nick Foles. While streaming at the QB position has become increasingly more popular, it’s still maddening to see Josh McCown outproduce Colin Kaepernick in back-to-back games. Heading into the final stretch of the season, fantasy fiends are taking stock of their teams and strategizing for their playoff runs. In doing so, I’d like to highlight a player who has the potential to pad a team lacking consistency at QB.

After playing behind Tom Brady for three seasons, Ryan Mallett made his first career start under center for the Texans this past Sunday…

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