Nov 22,2009

Who Dey Got Them Bengals Defense

Who dey? Who dey?

Well… only about 65% of most fantasy leagues. Shocking, I know.


A lot of fantasy owners like to change out their DEF every week, depending on match ups. Generally speaking, I’m a DEF purist, but this season I’ve jumped around quite a bit. However, looking at the Bengals rest of the season schedule, I think I’m going to stay put.

Last Sunday they put the brakes on Pittsburgh, sacking Roethlisberger 4 times and holding Mendenhall to 36 rushing yards. In fact, the only Steeler to score was kicker Jeff Reed with a total of four field goals. Not bad for a team that looked anything but intimidating in the pre-season.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Defensive Coordinator, Mike Zimmer has taken a team of unknowns and made them the fifth scoring defense in the league (16.9 points per game allowed). Often adversity and/or tragedy can bring a team together. On October 8th of this year, Zimmer’s wife passed away suddenly. Three days later, the Bengals beat the Ravens 17 – 14 and presented their widowed coach with game ball. I know some of you roll your eyes at my “rapport” theories, but this is one of them.

After years of swagger, it seems the Bengals finally have heart. The defense appears to have accepted their supporting role, allowing Ocho and Company to soak up the spotlight while they keep their collective noses to the grindstone. In the next four weeks they will attempt to hold, stop, and destroy the Raiders, followed by the Browns and then the Lions. In week 14, they face off against the Vikings, which should prove to be more of a challenge then the previous three weeks. Come then, you’ll want to pick up and sub in the TN DEF who play the sh*teous St. Louis Rams.

My mama told me to shop around, but when it comes to Bengals I’m going to grab n’ git.