Oct 30,2009

Week 8: One for the Money, Two for the Show, and Three to Let Go

… Aaaand we’re back!

It’s time to stop chatting about girly trip planners and start talking about manly playmakers. Welcome to this week’s edition of One for the Money, Two for the Show, and Three to Let Go!

The Money:

bills logo WHAT? The Buffalo Bills are Money? No, not at all. But, their defense has been surprisingly good and remains widely undrafted. I promise all of the pink glitter hasn’t gone to my head. Just hear me out.

The Bills have won two in a row. Last week they topped Carolina 20-9 and the previous week they bested the Jets 16-13 in OT. In those two games alone the Bills came up with nine interceptions. That’s only one pick away from tying the number of interceptions they recorded all last season. Now, I know Delhomme and Sanchez aren’t exactly stud QB’s (though it seems my boy Sanchez just needed a lil’ snack to get his mojo back), but let’s not forget that in week three the Bills held Mr. Drew Brees to his lowest passing total for the season.

Clearly, something has changed for the better. I have to believe it’s the recent addition of safety Jairus Byrd. Byrd was subbed in after Bryan Scott went down with an ankle injury in week 4 against Miami. Since then #31 has scooped up five interceptions. Not bad for a rookie.

Understanding that sometimes experience is more valuable than youth, Buffalo also signed free agent linbacker Chris Draft. On October 4th, in his first game as a Bill, the 11-year vet sacked Sanchez and pushed him back 16 yards. Additionally, last week in Carolina he was part of three tackles, including a key play that stopped Jonathan Stewart on a fourth-and-1 at the Bills 13. Not bad for an old guy.

All of this being said, I will admit that the Bills defense has struggled against the run. Luckily, this week they play the 4-3 Houston Texans who, despite Steve Slaton’s fantasy numbers, have had trouble running the ball consistently. Add that to the fact that they’re playing at home and you’ve got a pretty good argument for an under the radar defense. My recommendation: bench TO and start the Bills DEF.

The Show:

Beanie WellsLast week Beanie Wells ran for 67 yards on 14 attempts and had his first NFL touchdown against the Giants. Does that mean you should bench MJD or even Tim Hightower for that matter? No, absolutely not.

This is a player you want to hoard. While Hightower is still the Cardinals’ starting running back, he’s only averaging 14.3 touches per game. Assuming Wells can address his fumbling issues and continue to positively utilize all of his opportunities, he’s going to see more carries. As the weeks progress there is a a very good chance that this rookie RB will become the number one back in Arizona.

That’s going to be a very good thing for patient fantasy owners – especially later in the season when the Cards face off against the less than stellar Lions followed by the arguably worse Rams. Considering weeks 15 and 16 are key playoff weeks for most fantasy leagues, picking up Wells now may very well prove to be an investment worth making.

To Let Go:

Reggie BushOh how the mighty have fallen. From Heisman Trophy winner to third string running back, Reggie Bush has crushed plenty of fantasy dreams. Despite two consecutive touchdowns and a reconciliation with ex-fiance Kim Kardashian, I think Bush is better off on waivers than on anyone’s team.

Last week in the Saints’ 46-34 victory over the Dolphins, Bush caught three passes for 16 yards and rushed three times (only three times) for 10 yards and the aforementioned touchdown. While the TD saved him from total embarrassment, those numbers simply aren’t good enough. On a team that has so many offensive weapons, there’s no place for mediocrity. If Bush played for the Browns or the Raiders then perhaps he’d be a good pick, but with Marques Colston on the outside, Jeremy Shockey in the middle, and Drew Brees leading the pack, your running back has to be better than just ok.

To that end, he’s not even the 2nd string – let alone the starting – RB for the Saints. Having been surpassed by two undrafted rookie free agents, Bush is pulling up the rear behind both Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell. And while it’s true that once upon a time Bush was considered a receiving threat, he’s averaged a paltry 2.5 catches per game in the last 4 outings. At this point, the only thing than can get Bush more touches is an injury to one of his teammates.

Call it a woman’s intuition, but having Ms. Kardashian back in his life isn’t going to help either. That girl has one married sister and one pregnant sister. Mark my words, she’s planning a wedding to get back in the family spotlight. So what does that have to with Bush? Let’s just say he’s about to spend more time reading Modern Bride, and less time reviewing his playbook. Add that to the list of obstacles and distractions #25 is already facing, and you’ve got wasted space on your bench.

Simply put, if you love Reggie, let him go. If he comes back to you, then he’s yours forever (assuming you have a keeper league and you actually want him that long). If he doesn’t, then it was never meant to be… or something like that.