Nov 25,2014

Week 12: Eating Crow and Told Ya So

1432272I went ahead and put my weight behind recommending Houston Texans QB Ryan Mallett (pictured left) Unfortunately, he injured himself before the game even began and his season is now over. Not all of my calls were misses though!


Jonas Gray
Remember what I said about Gray’s stock coming back down to earth in Week 12? Well, it didn’t just return and softly land on the ground. Rather it plummeted through the atmosphere and burned up into a poof of microscopic dust. After skyrocketing to fantasy super-stardom, Gray must have drained his phone’s battery answering loads of texts and tweets from fans because his mobile device straight up “died,” which caused the RB to oversleep and show up late for practice on Friday. Not one for excuses, Bill Belichick sent the 24 year old RB back home, claimed LeGarrette Blount off waivers, and handed the Steelers’ cast-off twelve attempts on Sunday afternoon. Ouch. If you didn’t sell-high on Gray when you had the chance then I’d pray for a goal-line score in Week 13 against a Packers run defense that, while significantly improved, can still be had.

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