Dec 2,2009

Vince Young: Less like a Titan and more like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

A few weeks ago, when I was cursing Matt Ryan‘s name and combing through the waiver wire for a potential back-up, I noticed that Vince Young was widely available. Impressed with his recent ability to transform the lackluster Titans into a winning team, I picked him up and sat him on my bench. So when Matt Ryan went out in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay with a toe injury, I left my house without a cell phone and went missing for a few hours. I figured it was the best way to usher “VY”, my new starting QB, onto the “Bandwagon Cutler Fan” fantasy team.

All kidding aside, Vince Young has had a tough go of it lately. He went a little crazy in the fall of 2008, lost the starting QB job to Kerry Collins in the beginning of this season, and suffered the unexpected loss of his dear friend and mentor Steve McNair over the summer. To say his world has been shaken is putting it lightly. Out of all of this chaos, pressure, booing of fans, injuries, loss, and disappointment, Young has emerged as a new and improved athlete and team leader. He’s not just the scrappy scrambler with a chip on his shoulder anymore. It seems that the former UT hero has become a grown up – with a good arm and pass precision.

Since replacing Kerry Collins, Young has won the past 5 starts. Last Sunday against the Cardinals, #10 had the best game of his professional career. He completed 26 of 43 passes for 387 yards and led a 99-yard TD drive in the final seconds of the game. A lot of analysts have cited this past weekend as a fluke. While they agree that Young’s play is great for the Titans, they don’t believe it’ll translate into big numbers for fantasy owners. Maybe that’s true… or maybe it’s not.

By no means does Vince Young have the fantasy appeal of Drew Brees (bastard KILLED me on Monday Night), Peyton Manning, or even Aaron Rodgers. But is he any worse than Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, or the aforementioned Matt Ryan? I don’t think so.

Admittedly, this week’s match up against the Colts isn’t ideal. While there’s certainly potential for a shoot out, I don’t envision Young lobbing numerous “over the top” passes into the end zone. That being said, Weeks 14 and 15 look real good for both the Titans and VY owners. Since Weeks 14 and 15 are key fantasy weeks, I’d recommend doing what it took Jeff Fisher so long to do… give Young a second chance. With so much to prove, I doubt he’ll let any of us down.