Dec 12,2009

Two Sleeper QBs: Don’t snooze on their WRs

In the past few weeks I’ve talked about two quarterbacks who, due to different circumstances and situations, gained fantasy relevance later in the season. Chad Henne was let off his leash a bit when Ronnie Brown went out and Miami’s offense could no longer rely solely on the run. Vince Young, on the other hand, earned back his starting job and proved that the Titans could win on the ground and in the air.

So the question is… who are these guys throwing to? And are they available on your waiver wire?

Davone Bess:
Bess has been a starter all season long, and he’s also played consistently well. In fact, in Week 11 (the Dolphins’ first match-up without Ronnie Brown), Bess completed a perfect game, recording 63 yards on six receptions… on six targets. Granted, 63 yards isn’t a stellar fantasy showing, but with a team so focused on the ground attack there haven’t been a plethora of opportunities for him to shine. However, as Henne has gathered confidence, and the Dolphins have varied their offense, Bess has been seeing more action. In last week’s 22-21 upset over New England, Bess caught a career high 10 passes for 117 yards and scored a touchdown. While he’s far from a sure thing, we’re entering the playoffs… where the only sure thing is that there isn’t one. Bess’s game has only been improving, and you might want to pick him up to ensure yours does as well.

Kenny Britt:
After Justin Gage suffered a back injury in Week 8, Kenny Britt got the starting WR nod and emerged as Vince Young‘s go-to guy on the outside. He’s caught three touchdowns in the last three games, proving to the Titans just why they selected him with the 30th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft. Additionally, Special Teams coach Victor Garber Alan Lowry has been attempting to capitalize on Britt’s incredible athleticism, using him as their kick returner in the last two games. While Gage is expected to play this Sunday against the Rams, I have to believe Britt will still get the lion’s share of passes as they ease the former starter back into the rotation. This rookie out of Rutgers may not be a starter for the rest of your fantasy season… but he’s helped to save the Titans, and he may help save your team.