Oct 14,2013

Things that Make You Go Hut-Hut Hmmm: What the Buc?!?!

Each and every Thursday Monday Sunday from early September to late December, football fans huddle around plasmas, gather at sports bars, and caravan to stadiums to witness the greatest game America has ever invented (sorry baseball fans, but you know it’s true). To the casual observer, most of the action takes place on a rectangular field for four quarters of play. The aficionado, however, understands that a sport of this magnitude extends well beyond the hash marks. Whether it’s a chippy cornerback jawing at a struggling receiver or a veteran coach heading up a new squad, numerous narratives evolve and add to the drama of week-in and week-out competition. In Things that Make You Go Hut-Hut Hmmm, I go in depth on a particularly hot button issue and examine how it will affect the box score and your fantasy team.


Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano

Things are CRAZY in Tampa Bay, ya’ll! Second year coach Greg Schiano – who was booed by fans as he exited the field after the Bucs 31-20 loss to the Eagles – tried his hand at damage control on Monday morning. According to an article on ESPN.com, the former Rutgers coach had the following message for fans: “The only thing I can say to the fans is, if they can hang in there, we’re going to be good. If they can’t, we’re still going to be good, and they’re welcome back. I’m not being smart; I mean that.” Call me crazy, but after starting the season with an 0-5 record, I think Schiano could benefit from a little more humility and a little less hostility. And I mean that. After all, it’s not like the Bucs haven’t had their share of PR gaffs over the past few weeks. Between a public feud with now former starting QB Josh Freemam, an NFLPA backed investigation into Schiano‘s loose lips, and a bacteria infested locker room, the 2013 Bucs are morphing into the new 2012 Jets.

Tampa Bay’s newly installed QB Mike Glennon

After two weeks under center, their rookie QB Mike Glennon, however, is starting to show promise. Not that this is saying much, but he was able to exploit the less than staunch Philly defense on Sunday and smartly focused on stud receiver Vincent Jackson, who caught 9 balls for 114 yards and 2 touchdowns. Next week the Bucs will take on the Falcons, whose defense has struggled, allowing 12 TDs though the air over 5 weeks. Additionally, Atlanta’s offense has taken a major hit with Julio Jones (foot) on IR and Roddy White (hamstring) hobbled. Plus, it appears as though the Falcons will be without veteran running back Steven Jackson (hamstring) for another week. My guess is that this game will get ugly. Look for future HOF TE Tony Gonzalez to be mugged at the line and then double covered. You can also bet that Revis Island will be surveying the Falcons real estate (even if it’s via the “zoning commission”). All of these factors should add up to a less than stellar fantasy day for QB Matt Ryan. While that might sound good for the Bucs, I still don’t see Tampa Bay earning their first win at the Georgia Dome. Fantasy owners will want to start VJax and Williams(assuming he’s back in the line-up post-hammy strain) regardless.

Former Vanderbilt Commodore Jordan Rodgers

As a side note, for those of you who play dynasty… I’d keep an eye on Tampa Bay’s newly acquired QB Jordan Rodgers. He’s the younger brother of Packers’ stud QB Aaron and apparently had a very good workout with the Bucs. While Glennon is Schiano’s guy, I’m not entirely sure how much longer he’ll be leading the charge from Raymond James Stadium. Time will only tell if the Rodgers Brothers have more in common with the Mannings than they do with the Palmers.