Nov 19,2009

The Wildcat may or may not be coming to Carolina

By now, we all know that Ronnie Brown will be sitting out Thursday’s game due to a foot injury. No one wants to say just how long he’ll be out, but with murmurs of him getting “second opinions” I’ve got to believe the prognosis isn’t good.

Thursday night – and perhaps the rest of the season – poses an interesting dilemma. Sure, Ricky Williams will undoubtedly see more touches, but what about Miami’s coveted “Wildcat.” Will Sparano run it? If so, who’s the triggerman? Does this increase 3rd string RB Lex Hilliard‘s value? Or does this become the week that Chad Henne shows up with the pass? I’m not entirely sure, but unsurprisingly, I’ve got a few opinions.

Don’t run out and pick up Hilliard just yet. In Week 11 there’s no room on fantasy rosters for giant maybes (just teeny ones). Do, however, keep an eye on Hilliard tomorrow night. If the wildcat works both for the team and #26 then you might want to consider adjusting your roster according. That being said, I’d be “wildly” surprised if Hilliard blows up.

What I’m more excited about is the possibility of Chad Henne emerging as a viable fantasy option. In the past few weeks he’s been putting up average numbers – lots of short yardage and only one multi-touchdown game in Week 5. That’s what happens when you play in a run first offense without any star receivers.

Now that Ronnie Brown is out, however, half of that obstacle is eliminated. If the Michigan grad is ever going to get his shot, tomorrow night – on Thursday Night Football – is the time. After watching him lead the Phins to victory over the Jets on Monday Night Football, I think it’s safe to say #7 likes the camera.

At this point, starting Tony Romo or Jay Cutler is a gamble.

So if you’re in the mood to start the weekend early, and gamble big… have a shot of Henne.