Apr 5,2010

The Power of Prayer

Already for sale!

I think it’s rather fitting that the news of Donovan McNabb’s trade to the Washington Redskins broke on Easter – a day about new beginnings, restored hope, and resurrection. Let’s not forget that 24 hours ago it appeared as though the Skins were attempting to re-write the 1989 classic Major League, creating a team that was “built to lose.” Over the past three weeks they made some jaw dropping moves – acquiring Rex Grossman, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker – leaving many fans looking to the heavens and pleading, “Why God? Oh, why?”

Well it appears as though there was a method to Dan Snyder’s Scientology friendly madness. While some analysts assumed the Skins would use their second round draft pick to back up Jason Campbell – attempting to rebuild a less than stellar offense – they instead used it to make an intra-division trade with the Eagles. Now it’s Mr. Campbell who is left feeling forsaken.

I’d be shocked if Campbell starts the 2010 season wearing burgundy and gold. More than a string of back-up quarterbacks, the Skins need an effective offensive line. After all, they’re going to want to protect their newest investment, whilst doing everything in their power to also keep the ball out of Sexy Rexy’s fumble-prone hands. Not to mention the fact that said investment isn’t getting any younger or faster. Creating an indestructible wall between an opposing defense and McNabb is going to be an absolute necessity if Mike Shanhan wants to keep his job and west coast offense intact. The way I see it, the Skins are going to have to drum up some interest in Campbell with the hopes of attaining more draft picks… and thus (at least) a left tackle in return.

While the Easter trade made some pretty big waves in the NFC East, it also illuminated some potentially huge opportunities for FF nuts everywhere. I’m talking about two players: a WR that’s still un-tapped and a TE I’d love to tap. What’s up Devin Thomas and Chris Cooley?!?!!? Think about it. How else is Donovan going to advance the ball? The Skins’ run game is shaping up to be a relay race at my gramma’s assisted living center and the rest of the receiving core is… em, er… well I guess Santana Moss. That obviously leaves Thomas, who showed great promise towards the end of last season and Cooley, who’s always been a weapon in the middle. Now that they’ll have a six-time Pro Bowler throwing to them, their respective fantasy values have no where to go but up. WAY up.

To Skins fans everywhere… I’m on your side now. As a Donovan Devotee, I hope all of the Shanahan/Elway comparisons you’re drawing ring true. And to Philly fans… be prepared to crucify a new QB. Sorry, but you got what you’ve been praying for since the ’99 draft.