Oct 8,2014

The Magic of Antone Smith

1405012I’m a planner. I like to stay organized and think things out. When something doesn’t go my way, I often have a Plan B. Yet, I’ve discovered that some of my greatest finds in life come on the rare occasions when I don’t have a back-up. The times in which I’ve exhausted every possibility and have no choice but to shrug my shoulders and shoot from the hip. That’s when magic can happen.

The same is true of fantasy football. For all of our planning and ranking, sometimes just following through on a hunch can put your team over the edge. I’ve written plenty of times that I don’t like “safe” teams and that I lean towards upside. It doesn’t always work out, but it’s never not fun. With that I ask you to consider a player who is nothing BUT memorable and fun to watch.

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