Sep 16,2010

THE LEAGUE: Your Safest Start of the Week

Today is an awesome day. Not just because it’s one day away from Friday. Or even because Q‘s Happy Hour, which starts at 4pm, includes cheap pitchers and free wings. But, rather, because tonight is the second season premier of FX’s breakout hit… THE LEAGUE.

The Cast of The League - Premiers on FX Thursday, 9/16/2010 @ 10:30 PM ET/PT

The League centers around five buddies (and one dude’s wife) all of whom play in the same fantasy football league (where that one dude’s wife semi-secretly manages his team). Each of the six main characters are distinctly recognizable and, often, both hilariously and surprisingly aspirational. What’s so special about this show is not only its inclusion of the fantasy phenomena (which only makes it awesome-er), but rather its ability to find the funny in regular people’s attempts to simply not eff up. Whether they’re trying to save the environment by way of having sex in a Prius or getting punched in the face by Antonio Gates, these lovable idiots keep me in stitches week after week.

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in a round table discussion with the League’s co-creators and executive producers, Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer. Let me tell you, this husband and wife team are not only incredibly funny, but they also take their football very seriously. Jeff – who grew up in Cleveland and remains a long suffering Browns fan – excitedly shared that every person on staff is required to make the NFL schedule the wallpaper on their computers. He also expressed his frustration with Glenn Coffee for retiring early and thus retroactively botching a few jokes from already recorded episodes. Similarly, Jackie was thrilled to announce that both Josh Cribbs and Terrell Suggs appear in episode two, which conveniently airs the same week the Browns take on the Ravens.

A long time fan of the show, I asked Jeff and Jackie if Andre’s character (played by the fantastic Paul Scheer) had the opportunity to sleep with any fantasy football expert who would he choose… and they couldn’t say Matthew Berry. After a few giggles, Jackie admitted that John Hansen and Adam Caplan of fame make a cameo, which apparently leaves Andre quite smitten. Although I personally think a certain Fantasy Football Girl would have made a better choice, I’m excited to see what depths The League members will go to in the hopes of uncovering a guru-appointed sleeper pick. I have a feeling that while it won’t end well… it will end funny.

To see for yourself and tune into FX tonight (Thursday, September 16th) at 10:30 PM ET/PT after the premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (10:00 PM ET/PT).