Dec 2,2013

The Fantasy Football Girl makes a connection!

“The rise of women in the fantasy industry is not to be denied. To do so would be a disservice as they are not only as knowledgeable as their male brethren, but many have a completely different perspective on the game we love.”

From SAFF’s Fantasy Football Connections –
Interview with Liz Loza – The Fantasy Football Girl

I was honored when longtime friend and colleague, Dave Cherney, asked to profile me as part of his popular Fantasy Connections series. Appearing each month on Sundays Are For Football, Fantasy Connections features a chosen “expert” and his (or now HER) area of expertise within the industry. To close out the year, Dave asked me to discuss the growth of fantasy among women. We also touch on branding and various marketing strategies. I had a wonderful time chatting with Dave. He asks some tough questions! Hopefully my answers provide readers with an honest and entertaining look at the evolving world of fantasy football.