Sep 10,2013

The Fantasy Football Girl gets a checkup with RosterDoc

Do you dominate your fantasy football league each season? Are you interested in winning more than a few bucks and a tin trophy? Have you ever wondered how you’d stack up against yours truly? Then RosterDoc is about to become your newest obsession!

RosterDoc offers players the chance to win $10,000 in one of fantasy’s fastest growing formats. Utilizing a loaded salary cap configuration, GMs are given a $100 million payroll each week. They must maintain an active roster of 16 players using this amount. However, player values will fluctuate each week in accordance with the market. Therefore, GMs are incentivized to strive for value and gamble on sleepers… my favorite!

Right now the kind folks are RosterDoc are offering all of my followers a 40% discount when they sign up using the promo code FANTASYFOOTBALLGIRL. Once registered, you’ll be placed in a private league where we’ll square off each week. Personally. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get ready to tweet about how you beat a girl at fantasy football.

Or not.