Dec 24,2010

Start/Sit/Extra with The Fantasy Football Guys

Me with The Fantasy Football Guys (Lyle on the left and Kevin on the right) before Week 16 of the NFL's 2010 Season... and just after a few of Deleware's finest Irish Car Bombs)

The Fantasy Football Guys Podcast with The Fantasy Football Girl: Week 16 Preview

*As always, I recommend you listen to the ENTIRE podcast before setting your lineup for Week 16, but if you’re short on time and want to move straight to the Start/Sit/Extra segment that I’m a part of then pick it up at the 01:01:15 mark.

My Start of the week = Mike Williams (Tampa Bay)
Kevin’s Start of the week = Kevin Boss
Lyle’s Start of the week = David Garrard

My Sit of the week = Carson Palmer
Kevin’s Sit of the week = Peyton Hillis
Lyle’s Sit of the week = Adrian Peterson

My Extra for the week = Tim Tebow