Nov 6,2009

Spencer Who-vner?

While most everyone is talking about break-out back Ryan Moats, I’d like to point out the surprise performance of a different player.

This past Sunday, for the first time in my life, I actually rooted for the Green Bay Packers when they faced off against Benedict Arnold Brett Favre and the Vikings. Unlike the end of a Batman comic book (yeah, I’m kind of into comics too), justice was not served and the creepy dude in the purple suit (too much?) walked away with the victory.

Packers fans – along with anyone else who enjoys and appreciates the notion of justice – were crushed. But not all was lost. Linebacker-turned-tight end Spencer Havner lit it up, and proved to be Green Bay’s silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud.

havner jersey

Having moved into the tight end position just before the ’09 season began, Havner took the field two weeks ago when Jermichael Finley went out with a knee injury. In that game, the former Butkus Award semifinalist helped the Packers top Cleveland, recording two catches for 59 yards and scoring a touchdown.

Improving on an already impressive performance and clearly pumped for one of the most anticipated match-ups of the season, Havner helped the Packers rally in the third quarter. He only caught two passes for 21 yards, but both resulted in end zone celebrations. Yup, he got to do the legendary Lambeau Leap twice. Not bad for a linebacker, huh?

While Havner’s glory as a TE will most likely be short lived, you can’t help but love the kid. He’s largely unowned, and most people don’t even know his name, yet he’s scored 3 touchdowns in the past two games. With Cooley and Daniels both out, he may prove to be a good short-term TE solution. After all, every bench is loaded with nobodys… until they become somebody.