Aug 7,2014

Speed Bump: WHO ahead of Reggie Wayne?

If you’re into fantasy football then you’re probably also a tiny bit competitive. At least I know I am. So when the guys at Fantasy Football Warehouse told me they were running another “Speed Bump” competition and asked me to be a sponsor I was all in.

What’s a speed bump you ask? In short, it’s a drafting boot camp and a competition all in one. Over the span of 30 days FFW will post 30 polls, asking readers which players they think will produce the best numbers in 2014. Their crackerjack accounting team will then track the results and announce a winner at the year’s end. The season’s champ will receive a $100 gift card.

I was asked to chime in on the Reggie Wayne Poll. The fourteen year vet has a lot of fans feeling nostalgic. This expert, however, isn’t so sure history will repeat itself. When comparing the Colts No. 1 receiver to the rest of the poll participants – Tavon Austin, Riley Cooper, Marvin Jones and Rueben Randle – my pick for fantasy domination might surprise.

To see who I selected click HERE.

Then be sure to register at Fantasy Football Warehouse, enter the Speed Bump contest, and vote for your own stud.

Good luck and WIN BIG!