Jan 25,2015

Seattle Seahawks’ Secret Weapon

Scout-150x150This Seattle Seahawks’ playmaker doesn’t receive much attention or praise. But he consistently pulls through when it counts whether it is moving the chains or coming down with a clutch catch in the red zone.

Less than a week ago, Russell Wilson stumbled through four quarters of gruesome gridiron play. Perhaps the worst game of his three-year career, the Seahawks’ QB was beyond pedestrian .. he was just plain awful. Looking at his stats, it boggles the mind to understand how Seattle was able to come away with the win and claim the NFC Conference title. Completing just 14 of 29 passes and putting up a TD-to-INT ratio of 1:4, the 2013 Super Bowl champ struggled to find any sort of momentum. Whether it was because he was shaking off stars following a hearty blindside hit courtesy of Clay Matthews or because he was overly confident heading into the matchup, the aspirational signal-caller dug deep in the final moments to pull off a miraculous overtime victory.

Seeing Seattle’s offense labor to keep pace with Green Bay reminded me how much this team needs an early lead to secure a successful outcome. The ‘Hawks’ vaunted defense and beastly running game have carried the unit and allowed them to hide some of their greater shortcomings. However, this squad will have to open up its passing game in order to test the Patriots…

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