Jan 22,2015

Seahawks Fan Gives Away Prized Jersey

Scout-150x150After the Pack’s brutal Conference Championship loss to the Seattle Seahawks, a lucky Green Bay fan received an unlikely gift from a Seahawks fan. It’s not all about wins and losses, even as fans.

Green Bay’s stunning loss to the Seahawks on Sunday afternoon could certainly be described as a series of missed connections. For one Packers fan, however, it proved to be the beginning of an unexpected kinship.

Tim McElravy and his 13-year-old son, Austin, who live about two hours east of Seattle, came to CenturyLink Field with the hopes of cheering their Packers on to victory. As the game wore on and Green Bay’s lead began to slip, a small minority of Seahawks fans took it upon themselves to heckle the McElravys. Both Tim and Austin were understandably heartsore when QB Russell Wilson and WR Jermaine Kearse connected in the end zone during overtime, clinching the NFC Championship and ending the Packers’ Super Bowl run. Trying to keep their chins up amid both the snide remarks and jubilant cheers, the father-son duo found themselves being comforted by an unlikely suspect…

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