Oct 15,2014

Riding the Quarterback Carousel

1409270The NFL is a week-to-week league. Situations are always evolving and circumstances are ever-changing. That means never letting up and always looking ahead when managing your fantasy team. Our experts at Scout do an incredible job at staying ahead of the curve and identifying talent long before they become popular waiver wire picks or buzzed about names. Pinpointing potential roster changes and suggesting ways to successfully work through various transitions is equally important.

To that end, the quarterback position has been in a surprising amount of flux this season. For instance, Joe Flacco, who is owned in less than 85 percent of MFL leagues is currently the eight ranked fantasy QB. On the other hand, Drew Brees, whose ADP was 2.02 before the season began has fallen outside of the top twelve to number seventeen. Naturally, this has caused quite a bit of confusion for fantasy owners – especially those who play in two quarterback leagues.

To help eliminate last minute despair, I’ve highlighted two different developing situations and suggested ways to navigate them. This probably won’t apply to the Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning owner, but if you’ve spent FAAB money on Charlie Whitehurst or asked me about starting Michael Vick then read on.

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