Aug 22,2014

Passionate about FakePigskin

Plans are good. Knowing when to toss plans aside and let organic awesomeness happen is even better.

This week I joined Jeremy Hardt and Asher Curzon of the Dynasty Podcast to chat about all things fantasy. What was supposed to be a quick appearance turned into and hour of loose and fun football chatter. We went back and forth about everything from dynasty trade strategy to potential redraft sleepers. The hour flew by and all three of us left the conversation having each learned something new.

I had such a great time that I felt the need to share the show with all of you. If you happen to have a spare sixty minutes and are looking to fill that time with a passionate discussion about dynasty teams and draft season then you MUST listen to this episode of the Podcast.

Click HERE to listen to the show and if you’d like to subscribe to future episodes (no guarantee I’ll be on them, but they’re absolutely FF Girl approved) then click HERE.