Jan 14,2014

One More Week! One More Week!

Kenny Stills. Kenny “Big Upside” Stills. Argh!

The rookie out of Oklahoma was my big gamble in the second week of the fantasy postseason. This kid has established himself as a burgeoning deep threat for the Saints and I liked his chances against the Legion of Boom in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Sure I knew the Seahawks defense in combination with Seattle’s Twelfth Man would be tighter than a pair of skinny jeans in Williamsburg, but I loved No. 84’s Fair Market Fantasy value and thought his big-play ability was the worth the risk. I was hoping that Richard Sherman & Co. would have their hands full with Graham and Colston, forcing Brees to lob one deep to the young speedster. As it turns out, Stills went target-LESS in the Saints eight point loss to the Seahawks. So it goes in love, war, and daily fantasy.

Overall, my team was just OK. Demaryius Thomas and Julian Edelman stood up, but Tom Brady and Ryan Mathews underperformed. Admittedly, not my best work. That said, I’d like to point out that I outscored my X’s and Y’s co-host. (Sorry, John, but I couldn’t resist.)

Rather than lie down and call it quits, however, I’m ready to fight to the bitter end. There are only two weeks of NFL action left for the season and I plan to suck them dry of any and all fantasy goodness. That means I’ll be playing in another Fair Market Fantasy contest. For only $1 you can join me. Go ahead, sign up, and take your shot at the cash AND redemption.

In case you need reminding, here are some top reasons why Fair Market Fantasy is my choice for the fantasy postseason:

• Prices based on market demand, rather than rankings.
• The option to play single game OR weekly contests.
• Contests that are equally competitive with all other contests, giving users a better chance to win.
• The ability to create private contests so users can go head to head against their friends (or foes).
• Every contest, even private contests, are guaranteed to run.

Don’t let you fantasy season end prematurely. Go down in a blaze of glory and keep your fantasy dreams alive for ONE MORE WEEK!

This post has been sponsored by Fair Market Fantasy. All opinions are my own.