Feb 26,2014

Off-season Spotlight of the Month: Julia Randall “briefs” us on the LFL

Less than a month ago, football fans were prepping bowls of guacamole while debating Richard Sherman’s mouthiness. Now, desperate for a pigskin fix, we’re watching three hundred pound men stomp their way through 3 cone drills. While sports agents diligently coach their clients and scouts attempt to out mindf*ck each other, we’re left to ponder the future… and shine a light on things we might have missed last season. Understanding this, I decided to add a new segment to the site.

Each month throughout the off-season, I plan to spotlight someone up and coming in the space. This month, it’s Julia Randall. Julia is a self-proclaimed life-long sports nerd. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her boyfriend and their adopted fish, Howard. Julia enjoys mountain biking, hot yoga, and participating in her fantasy leagues. When she’s not busy perfecting her butterfly stroke, you can find her writing about sports. Here are her thoughts about the Legends Football League.

Legends Football League—legendary or lascivious?

I first learned of the Legends Football League when it was known by its maiden name: the Lingerie Football League. In 2009, I read a brief (pun marginally intended) article about the recently formed women’s 7-on-7 tackle organization, which was being touted as the “real” fantasy league. No detailed information was offered up about the LFL, and I didn’t think that it would last past 2010. Time proved me absolutely wrong, and 2014 has the potential to be the LFL’s biggest year yet.

Let’s be honest…
My first impression when I saw that original article was, “Wow, these women are beautiful!” Today, nothing about the women in this league has changed, reaffirming my initial assessment. These ladies have athletic bodies that deserve every double (and triple) take that they receive. It’s unfortunately uncommon to see women with muscles celebrated for the years of hard work and dedication they have put into their physique. These ladies have defined quads that propel them down the field with strength and speed. They have impressive biceps, toned cores, and notable agility. LFL athletes have to eat (and eat smart) in order to fuel themselves to perform during games. This concept is a refreshingly healthy departure from the “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” mantra perpetrated by many diets today.

Let’s Talk About Sex
The second thought that bombarded my mind when I was reading the 2009 article: why does it have to be about sex?!? It was right there in the name — “Lingerie” Football League. Really? I mean, that’s the last thing women need — another opportunity to be objectified while they’re trying to be taken seriously. After a few years to reflect, though, I’ve changed my initial perspective on the racy reputation of the LFL. In 2013, the organization officially became the “Legends” Football League, and decided to adopt uniforms that look more reminiscent of beach volleyball or track and field attire.

To me, these small steps illustrate a positive evolution. Since the LFL has expanded across continents, and has a firmly established fan base, the sport can afford to mature a bit. Was wearing lingerie in the beginning a necessary step for women’s football? Opinions vary markedly, but one thing is certain; it worked. The league has been growing solidly for 5 years, and the LFL Facebook page has nearly 400k likes, which is nothing to scoff at (the WNBA Facebook page has approximately 533k likes).

An Evolution Revolution
Ideally, the LFL will continue to evolve and place more focus on women playing football rather than nearly-naked women playing football. The ladies that play in the league have a sincere passion for the sport… and the uniforms they wear are just part of the job. After all, few people question beach volleyball players for their bikini-like uniforms, and nobody thinks twice about the skimpy briefs that male UFC fighters sport.

If the LFL can play their cards right, perhaps they can become a sport known for its legitimacy — not just its infamy. Hopefully in a few years, we’ll have a ladies league that stands strong with beautiful players that allow their skills to sell the sport rather than their skin.

The opinions expressed in this post do not belong to The Fantasy Football Girl, but are part of monthly off-season segment to provide bloggers with an open forum to share their thoughts.