Oct 3,2013

NFL Quaterbacks: So many points possible!

There is no position more coveted in American football than the quarterback. The heart of every offense, a quarterback’s job is to not only call the plays, but to also lead and inspire the team as a whole. The current NFL landscape is chalked full of phenomenally talented signal callers, elevating the game for players and fans alike.

Since the successful implementation of the West Coast Offense – which utilizes passing plays over a run-based strategy – quarterback stats have risen dramatically. As a result, in fantasy football, their value has also soared to new heights. However, because so many NFL teams are winning with this “pass-first” approach to play-calling AND due to the fact that most fantasy teams only start one QB, there is an abundance of quarterbacks who produce at an elite level. While this makes the game more exciting for fans it can often lead to confusion when drafting a fantasy team or placing bets on sports betting sites.

Admittedly, a “sure thing” doesn’t exist in sports, but there are ways to improve one’s odds at picking a winner. Studying match-ups, reviewing a player’s injury history, and taking a look at the other offensive weapons at his disposal, can absolutely aid in selecting a quarterback that will put up good numbers.

A quarterback doesn’t necessarily have to be on a winning team in order to produce either. For example, in 2012 Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. Yet, the Lions had a losing record of 4-12. The fantasy owners and betting enthusiasts who looked at Stafford’s whole picture (a schedule that included games with shoot-out potential, his awesomely strong arm, and an explosive down field weapon like Calvin Johnson) walked away winners even if Stafford himself did not.

Of course, football is fun, but the goal for players (real-world and fantasy alike) is to win. Since quarterbacks often have to carry the offense on their backs, their value is usually high. In order to select a QB that will consistently generate a surplus of fantasy points it’s important to look beyond simple statistics and weigh the additional factors mentioned above. Once a thorough analysis is completed, the only thing left to do is sit back, enjoy the game, and collect your winnings!