Sep 13,2009

My Second Draft of the Season… so bad I had to set it to rhyme

Twas the night before the regular season, and strewn all over my place
Were pizza boxes, cheat sheets, and a few beers in their case.
With my evening free and one last fantasy draft to go,
I was gunning for The Burner and determined to win the dough.

At the last minute, Amy called to say she was sick
Could I please draft for her, she’d trust my every pick.
Without hesitation I accepted my fate
For her I pulled a five and f*ck for me I got an eight.

These Noobs know their sh*t, and are on top of their game,
the best I can do is Johnson and Jennings, how lame.
Thankfully I get TJ as my number two back,
leaving Ryan and Warner, I guess I’ll take Matt.

My byes are getting funky, and I need some receivers
I gifted Amy with Roy Williams… come on he’s got some believers.
Left with Braylon and Santana to round out my three
I pick up Sproles, thinking of Tomlinson’s knee.

Heading into the 8th round, it’s time to draft me an end
there goes Olsen, there goes Cooley… over I shall bend.
Though he’s high maintenance and a new Buccaneer
I decide to take Winslow, and slam back another beer.

Out of nowhere and to my surprise, there’s a run on the D
Lord please keep Lewis healthy cuz Baltimore is comin’ with me.
For better or worse, my starters are picked
time to focus on back-ups in case they get licked.

With high hopes I grab Crayton, knowing TO won’t be missed
Then a handcuff for Jones, man Mulgrew was pissed.
The next move got some giggles, and I made it with my heart
Former Bear and forever crush, Big Moose will never start.

Three rounds left to go, and there isn’t much left
I’m planning on Sanchez, but fall victim to theft.
Like a dumb sh*t, I decide to be fair
I give Hasselbeck to Amy with not much to spare.

Fine, yes, I’ll take Pennington, the Dolphin’s QB
Now it’s time for a kicker, got Robbie Gould… Yippie!
This is it, the fifteenth round and we’re finally done
It’s been a long night, but overall I’ve had fun.

With a deep sigh I know, I need a back up to Kellen
Fingers crossed, this season Davis and Raye will be gelin’.
There you have it, my team, in all of it’s glory
We’ve got 17 weeks ahead for the rest of the story.

LEAGUE: Total Noobs
TEAM: Bandwagon Cutler Fan

QB – Matt Ryan (Atl)
WR – Greg Jennings (GB)
WR – Braylon Edwards (Cle)
W/R/T – Santana Moss (Was)
RB – Chris Johnson (Ten)
RB – Thomas Jones (NYJ)
TE – Kellen Winslow (TB)
K – Robbie Gould (Chi)
DEF – Baltimore (Bal)

Back-up Players (for now)
QB – Chad Pennington (Mia)
RB – Darren Sproles (SD)
RB – Leon Washington (Was)
WR – Patrick Crayton (Dal)
WR – Muhsin Muhammad (Car)
TE – Vernon Davis (SF)