Sep 8,2010

My Second Annual Draft Poem

Last year I set my second draft of the season to rhyme. It was so popular and I had so many requests to do it again this year… that, well, I did. Hope it lives up to the original. Enjoy!

‘Twas Labor Day Weekend when I awoke in my bed
to the scream of my alarm and a pound in my head.
A swig of beer and two advil should do the trick,
It’s drafting time, whether or not I am sick.

I race to my laptop and power up the ol’ Mac,
snag some cheat sheets and of course a hangover snack.
All systems are go and the crew is on line
I’ll be picking fourth, which to me is just fine.

AP, CJ, and Jones-Drew all fall in the top three,
so I grab Ray Rice, knowing his receptions are key.
In the second round I’m looking for a receiver,
with a gulp and prayer I tap LFitz and become a believer.

I want a QB, but the best are off the board.
Instead, I decide it’s running backs I shall hoard.
Pierre Thomas looks good, a regular Chi-town guy,
so I add him to the roster with nary a sigh.

Heading into the fourth and I need me a flanker,
so I pick up Crabtree and hope he’s no wanker.
This league plays two backs, three receivers, and no flex,
I’m forced to draft Garcon without a moment to vex.

Feeling good about my team, but needing a QB
I’m gunning for Flacco until he’s stolen from me.
Fine, that’s alright I guess I’ll take Kolb,
though I still can’t believe he got the starting job.

No longer a Bear, I next add Jones to my bench
Stop laughing, I’m serious, this dude is a mensch.
Enough picking with my heart, it’s time to get real
I make Cooley my end now that his leg is all healed.

Despite a bad preseason, I’ve got faith in BTwice
I could talk about Favre, but instead I’ll be nice.
Two thirds of the way through with five more to go,
I make a move for Hightower cuz Wells is so slow.

This league is tight and the sleepers are deep,
guess I’ll tap Tate with the option to keep.
Reviewing my team and diverting from plan,
I back up my QB, thinking Stafford‘s the man.

I’ve avoided drafting a D, but the time is now here
with little to choose from, I pick up Dallas and sneer.
Ok, this is it, one last bench player to add
I get Henderson, which in the 14th isn’t bad.

My headache’s returned and my eyes feel like lead
Gotta grab me a kicker and hop back into bed.
With a smile on my face… I pick and then bail,
Let’s just say, Janikowski is no longer avail.

League: EverTrue
Team: Soldier for Ditka
Stats: 12 team standard Yahoo! scoring league, 15 round snake draft

Starters (for now):
Kevin Kolb QB
Larry Fitzgerald WR
Michael Crabtree WR
Pierre Garcon WR
Ray Rice RB
Pierre Thomas RB
Chris Cooley TE
Dallas DEF
Sebastian Janikowski K

Bench (for now):
Thomas Jones RB
Bernard Berrian WR
Tim Hightower RB
Matthew Stafford QB
Devery Henderson WR