Sep 3,2009

My First Draft of the Season… blarg

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had my first fantasy draft of the season this past Sunday. The league – aptly named Evertrue as an homage to our university – is comprised of 12 alumni all of whom are scattered across the country. For the most part, I adore everyone in the league. However, there are some… oh how do I say it… more mature people in the league who have annoying responsibilities like kids and in-laws. Hence the need for a Sunday draft at 12 noon. Ick.

My normal Sunday routine is to sleep in, head to the gym, and then come home and catch up on whatever the DVR has saved for me. This Sunday, however, I had to work. From 10am – 12:30pm. Through half of my fantasy draft. Double Ick.

Knowing that I’d be absent for part of the draft, I entrusted one of my dear friends (and fellow league members) with my stat sheets and a stack of very specific notes. I was only slightly worried when he texted me, saying that I had pulled the 12th (i.e. last) pick of the draft. That was nothing compared to the text I received 30 minutes later, informing me that he had picked up Donovan McNabb over Phillip Rivers because he knows I “think Rivers is a brat.” Blarg.

Thankfully, I was able to get home and salvage the rest of the draft shortly thereafter. For what it’s worth, I’m not too worried about McNabb because I picked up Matt Hasselbeck as my back-up QB in the 10th round. Sigh.

Here are the rest of my picks. Feel free to point and snicker all you want.

LEAGUE: Evertrue
TEAM: Soldier 4 Ditka

QB – Donovan McNabb (Phi)
WR – Randy Moss (NE)
WR – Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)
WR – Derrick Mason (Bal)
RB – Clinton Portis (Was)
RB – Kevin Smith (Det)
TE – Greg Olsen (Chi)
K – Nick Folk (Dal)
DEF – New York (NYG)

Back-up Players (for now)
QB – Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)
RB – Felix Jones (Dal)
RB – Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)
WR – Michael Jenkins (Atl)
WR – Kevin Curtis (Phi)
DEF – Green Bay (GB)