Sep 2,2013

My Annual Draft Poem

Since 2009, I’ve set my EverTrue draft to rhyme. In an effort to keep the tradition alive, here are this year’s results. Enjoy!

‘Twas eleven days before the season’s start date
twenty thirteen was just a blank slate.
My crew was online ready to draft for the year
so cool to be back with friends far and near.

I got the twelfth pick in a standard snake
I’ll be good on receiver, but which back should I take?
The countdown’s begun and my fingers are crossed
T. Rich had fallen so not all was lost.

Mega flew off the board, but Green was avail
here’s hoping his knee doesn’t get stale.
I’ve got some time before my next pick
so I load up my queue and watch the clock tick.

It’s the end of the third and I’ll choose back-to-back
I opt for VJax then Wilson, this team’s lookin’ stacked.
Heading into the fifth and my kid goes berserk
someone tell Miley; this is life post-twerk.

With my attention diverted things go awry
but I recover in time to scoop up T.Y.
I’d been targeting Ryan to grab in the sixth
but he’s chosen early, now I’m in a fix.

After hemming and hawing, I click with eyes closed
Romo made the cut… and I just got hosed.
Time to regroup and start digging for gold
for the next seven rounds I resolve to be bold.

It’s the end of the seventh and Vereen‘s holding steady
dang, this is when stuff starts to get heady.
With a shrug and a breath I tap the Pat‘s number two,
then opt for a receiver, the question is who?

With Crabby on the PUP until week seven,
there’s a chance Boldin could be in target heaven.
I add him to the team as my fourth best receiver
though John will disagree, I’m still a believer.

On X’s and Y’s, Taz went crazy for Ingram
drinking the kool-aid, I drafted the bum.
With the clock winding down I take a look at my squad,
I need a tight end (with a Chandler-esque bod).

Cameron‘s an option, but Davis is too,
I settle on the vet, though this choice I may rue.
There’s no flex in this league, we start three wide outs
I take a flyer on Thompkins, despite some doubts.

With six points per score, QB’s mean a lot
Dalton‘s improved and his aim has been hot.
He’ll back up Romo on this fantasy team
That’s right, on the Red Rifle I’ll lean.

The first twelve have gone quick with pros flying by,
I settle on Thomas ’cause his upside is high.
We’re down to the dregs, with two rounds to go
Zona’s defense it is.  Hope they put on a show.

How cool, look at this, the draft ends with me
yeah, you know I’ll roll with my boy, Robbie.
My team’s now complete and I’m feeling alright
call me crazy, but 2013’s gonna be tight.

League: EverTrue
Team: Soldier for Ditka
Stats: 12 team, 3 WR, standard scoring Yahoo! league, 15 round snake draft
Pick: No. 12

Starters (for now):
QB – Tony Romo (DAL)
WR – A.J. Greene (CIN)
WR – Vincent Jackson (TB)
WR – T.Y. Hilton (IND)
RB – Trent Richardson (CLE)
RB – David Wilson (NYG)
TE – Fred Davis (WAS)
K – Robbie Gould (CHI)
DEF – Packers (GB)

Bench (for now):
QB – Andy Dalton (CIN)
RB – Shane Vereen (NE)
RB – Mark Ingram (NO)
WR – Anquan Boldin (SF)
WR – Kenbrell Thompkins (NE)
TE – Julius Thomas (DEN)