Feb 24,2010

LT Glides Outta SD

After nine years, 12,490 yards, 138 rushing touchdowns, and 5 playoff runs, the San Diego Chargers have released LaDanian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was due a $2 million roster bonus next week on March 5th. Apparently, the Chargers organization didn’t feel he was worth the money and let him go.

While many of us, including LT, saw this coming, it still feels like the end of an era. Unfortunately for the super-star running back and the city of San Diego, the ’09 season was not the return to greatness many had hoped for and/or expected. Now at 30 years old, coming off his worst season statistically, the future hall of famer will enter the open market.

In my opinion, #21 should agree to less money and finish out his career as a well respected and beloved veteran back in the city that sprang his illustrious career. He could mentor new talent and stay in San Diego while still working towards a Super Bowl ring. After all, the Bolts have made it to the playoffs for the past 4 season in a row.

While I believe that LT may be the only player in the league humble enough to accept this fate, I doubt it’ll actually happen. In fact he told SI.com, “The main thing for me now is to try to win a championship. That’s my No. 1 goal. That’s why I still work hard and train like I do, because I still believe there’s a chance of winning that championship. So the next team I go to has to have a chance of winning a title.”

Some have speculated that with Chester Taylor entering free agency this off-season, the Vikings might consider swapping their current number two back for LT. It’s not a crazy thought since, as of late, Minnesota seems to have become a safe haven for desperate vets arguably past their prime. Still, in a season where most teams will likely be operating without a salary cap, I have to imagine that the Vikes will do everything they can to keep Taylor.

Other analysts have theorized that LT will attempt to join the Super Bowl Champion Saints and reunite with his old teammate and fellow 2001 draft pick Drew Brees. That sounds like a fantastically warm and fuzzy idea, but New Orleans already has three running backs – and a ring – so they really don’t need to spend more money on an aging vet.

Regardless of where LT does end up – be it the Colts, Giants, Broncos or even the Texans – he’ll be doing his dance and gettin’ in his stance with LT Style and The Electric Glide.


Wave to your mama. She’s in the crowd!