Jan 7,2014

Keeping Hope (and Fantasy) Alive in the Postseason

Well, I guess it’s called Wild Card Weekend for a reason! What a crazy 16 quarters of football!

Personally, I picked the Chiefs, Saints, Bengals, and Niners all to win. OK, I was only half right. Still, that’s better than my X’s and Y’s co-host, the calculator brain himself, Mr. John Evans predicted.

To be fair, three of the four winners bucked the odds as outlined by the bean counters in Vegas. But isn’t that what’s so exciting about the NFL? The “one and done” format of the post-season raises the stakes for fans and players alike. Who could have guessed that RBs like Mark Ingram and Ronnie Brown would both make such big contributions in helping their respective teams pull off an upset? Or that Week 17’s comeback kid, Randall Cobb, would connect with his stud QB for only 2 receptions? If you’ve continued to hone your fantasy prowess during the playoffs then you’re probably acutely aware of these aberrations, and the pain/joy that they deliver.

As a true glutton for punishment fantasy diehard, I’ve fallen even further down the daily rabbit hole. After being knocked out of the Super Bowl in the bulk of my redraft leagues, I came upon a site called Fair Market Fantasy. With nothing to lose, I played one of their contests and placed 1st, winning $97! Shortly thereafter, I discovered that Fair Market Fantasy allows users to create their own private games (which are guaranteed to run, regardless of the number of players that accept the invitation) so that they can invite their friends to play for cash… and bragging rights!

In one final binge before going into fantasy hibernation, I’ve created a head to head challenge for my readers. The contest will fill up quickly so hurry up and make your picks by clicking HERE. If there’s enough interest I’ll open up a few more leagues.

Need more info? No problem! Here’s a list of the Top 5 reasons Playoffs at Fair Market Fantasy are the best:

• You can choose a lineup for the whole playoffs.
• Player prices are set by market demand.
• You can trade players back to market at any time.
• You get $20k in reinforcements (additional salary cap) after first rounds.
• Winning team player prices will rise, players on losing teams prices will drop, and owners will need to manage their lineup under the available salary cap to win.
• If you missed the initial All Playoffs Lineup in early Jan, you can still play contests for individual post-season games.

Listen, I’m not ready for the season to be over and I’m sure you aren’t either. Regardless of whether or not your regular season was a boom or a bust, this is your chance to finally own Peyton Manning or gleefully steer clear of Trent Richardson. End the season on your own terms, win a little cash, and maybe even beat me in the process (that last part is highly unlikely)!

This post has been sponsored by Fair Market Fantasy. All opinions are my own.