Aug 28,2009


It’s that time of year again…

The leaves begin to change color, the local mall is devoid of screaming children (until 3pm), and my hunger for wings and bloody marys returns.

It’s football season baby!

Time to dust off my stat sheets, listen to the numerous Talented Mr. Roto podcasts that have piled up, and ready myself for the first fantasy football draft of the season.  Now, I’m in two different leagues and have been for the past 3 seasons.  I’ve won either the Superbowl or the Regular Season in at least one of the leagues every year that I’ve played.  Not to sound like a total douche, but that leaves me with a better record than any of the other players.

And oh yeah… I am the only chick in either league.

Believe it or not, some women really like football.  And not just because their boyfriend or husband has convinced them to strike some sort of deal, “Honey PLEASE let me stay out real late on Thursday.   And can I miss church on Sunday too?  If you do, I’ll get you that adorable Juicy Jumpsuit with a Denver Bronco on the butt…”

Not quite.  I’ll take my Broncos traded to the Bears – thanks very much.

Growing up in the Midwest, I learned that football wasn’t just a game, but a community event.  Now as an adult, I have a greater appreciation for not just the athletes and coaches, but also how this truly American sport can bring people together and inspire huge emotion.

Sound cheesy?  Maybe.

But think about September 25, 2006 – the Saints season opener against the Falcons.  Remember how good it felt to watch New Orleans celebrate such a fantastic homecoming?  Or the fact that a trouncing of 23-3 was never more exciting?  Usually blow outs are a bore, but not this time.

2006 Season Opener

What about March 29, 1984.  I was barely out of diapers, but I remember my grampa referencing this event throughout my childhood.  It was the day that the Colts were quite literally “stolen” from Baltimore in the middle of the night.  Sure they’ve got the Ravens now, but the sting of Robert Irsay’s growing pocket book has never fully left that city.

The Baltimore Colts

How about one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) plays in NFL history.  That’s right, I’m talking about The Immaculate Reception.  Sure it was a fluke – I’m pretty sure Steeler fans will even admit that much – but it was a moment that stands apart from all others and has been referenced every season since 1972.

The Immaculate Reception

So what does any of this have to do with Fantasy Football?

Well, nothing and everything.  See, football isn’t just about stats and contracts and trades and super domes.  It’s about broken ribs, healing hearts, unfavorable conditions, and my favorite – rapport.

I’m pretty sure that my success in fantasy football has less to do with studying depth charts and tracking pre-season records and more to do with taking a chance on Marques Colston in his rookie year and avoiding ANY quarterback who’s dating a super famous and recently divorced songstress.

Call it a woman’s intuition (or even beginner’s luck), but I haven’t been let down yet. 🙂