Oct 28,2013

Interview with Sports As Told By a Girl

SportsAsToldByAGirl™ is a female brand dedicated to promoting the voice of women in sports. Since I’ve never had a problem using my voice, I was thrilled to sit down with SATBAG Staff Editor, Ashleigh Binder and dish about everything from draft strategy to “problem” fans. To check out the full interview click the below link!

Sports As Told By A Girl:
Interview with “The Fantasy Football Girl” Liz Loza

Whether you’re a die hard female fan or a gal interested in dipping your (freshly painted) toe into the world of sports, be sure to check out Sports As Told By A Girl. Understanding that most ladies love a juicy story they keep their content edgy and sprinkle in a good amount of gossip too. Plus, they highlight cool chicks who know how to WIN BIG!