Oct 9,2014

Insider Report: Broncos Evolving Backfield

1360502Earlier in the week, I wrote an article urging fantasy owners to slow their collective roll on Ronnie Hillman. At that time, Montee Ball was only expected to sit out 2 weeks. Now we’re hearing that the groin strain he suffered is more serious than initially believed and that Denver is likely to keep their RB1 out of pads for at least a month. This changes things.

Beginning on Sunday, the Broncos will take on two of the top rated run defenses in back to back games. After that, however, things start to ease up considerably. Knowing that Ball won’t be active until at least Week 10 boosts the value of the Broncos’ other RBs. The problem, of course, becomes properly identifying which back will be bestowed with top dog duties. Thankfully, our team at Scout has some insider connections and information.

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