Apr 1,2015

Gridiron Experts MONSTER Fantasy Football Rankings Debate
via gridironexperts.com

via gridironexperts.com

Mike Rigz of Gridiron Experts had the bright idea to gather a group of noted fantasy football experts and ask them for their pre-draft rankings. I mean, what’s more entertaining than a collection of ├╝ber informed and overly confident sports fans looking to wax poetic while simultaneously critiquing others’ opinions?

Eleven experts representing Scout Fantasy, Gridiron Experts, Breaking Football, and Draft Sharks were asked to rank five RBs, six WRs, and seven TEs. In addition, they each penned a few paragraphs (or an “opus” if you’re me) explaining everything from their theoretical skepticism about Carlos Hyde to their incurable affection for Travis Kelce.

Click HERE to view the article in its entirety. Feel free to add to the discussion by leaving a comment or joining the debate on Reddit.

Enjoy, dig in, and WIN BIG!!!