Oct 22,2013

From the Owner’s Box: Trending (Week 8)

The NFL is a happening place. Staying on top of each day’s developments requires Robin Williams‘ energy, this guy’s diligence, and a Kardashian’s omnipresence. While most sites focus on wins and losses, at The Fantasy Football Girl we aim to provide our readers with more than stats and graphs. Hence, our newest regular feature, aptly titled From the Owner’s Box. In addition to Things that make you got Hut-Hut Hmmm and the X’s & Y’s Podcast, we’ll highlight a few interesting football-related goings-on to help you follow the game behind the game. So feel free to sip – rather than chug – that overpriced triple espresso shot latte drink thing and peruse what’s trending at your own pace.

Titans owner, Bud Adams passes away at 90 years old.

*Our deepest condolences to the Adams family and the Titans organization. Hopefully the Week 8 bye can provide some time for quiet reflection.

After being carted off the field, Packers’ TE Jermichael Finley is up and walking again
*Finely has taken a real pounding this season. In Week 3 he left the field after suffering a concussion. After that hit his son asked him to stop playing football. Just brutal.

Punter Pat McAfee has legs (and arms) and he knows how to use them!
*P.S. He tweets with reckless abandon too.

Tom Brady is underpaid?
*At least Gronk is around again to console him.

Percy Harvin hopes to soon be an extra bit of wind beneath the Seahawks 6-1 wings.
*Fantasy owners don’t get too excited. Remember that Seattle gave up a first round draft pick AND a grip of bills to obtain Harvin. Given the fact that Pete Carroll & Co. are currently winning, there’s no need for them to rush the stud receiver onto the field before he’s one hundred percent.

P. Diddy thinks the NFL needs more than just one Bad Boy
*Talk about an Owner’s Box!