Nov 25,2013

From the Owner’s Box: Trending (Week 13)

What’s trending heading into Week 13:
Green Bay recycles, Oaklands raids their stash, Washington recognizes Native American Heritage Month, but can’t see the irony, Andre Johnson gets real, and Jon Bon Jovi is RICH.

Matt Flynn for the win?
*If he pulls off a Thanksgiving miracle maybe someone will name their first born after him too!

From the fire of Oakland’s McGloins

This PR stunt in Washington is only slightly less flawed than Kyle Shanahan’s play calling

Andre Johnson deserves better and thinks Texan fans do too.

Someday I’ll be Sunday Morning
*JBJ wants Buffalo to do go down in a Blaze of Glory

NFL Circle of Life
*Here’s to hoping this week doesn’t leave the Lions King of the NFC North