Mar 5,2014

From the Owner’s Box: Trending

What’s trending heading into March (off-season report):
Free agency frenzy, Cleveland’s snazzy new threads, a Lion considers going agent-less, kickers become (even more) terrified of wind, and Orchard Park remains the only home for Buffalo to roam.

Hate to say goodbye, but love to see ’em go: The Off-season NFL Transaction report
*As of today, Podlesh is done extorting money from the Bears while Polamalu stays on the Steelers payroll. Bookmark the above link to stay on top of the free agency madness!

A new Head Coach in Cleveland? That’s old hat. New uniforms? Now, that’s “cutting-edge!”
*I’m interested to know how many Browns fans are actually buying player specific merch anyway. Sure I understand the appeal of a spiffy new Jordan Cameron jersey, but wouldn’t it be smarter to just stick with the vintage Ozzie Newsome threads?

Ndamukong Suh is taking notes from Bill Murray and planning to negotiate his own deals.
*If things get complicated he could always ask Bernard Pollard to step in. Or maybe just use the “stomp it out” approach to dealmaking?

The League’s Competition Committee considers making the extra point actually extra and not just a gimme.
*If this rule change goes through you can bet that goal-line backs will get a bump in fantasy value and kickers will become permanently unhinged.

The Bills are “oot” of Toronto.
*I guess even our friendly neighbors to the north want a bit more bite than the Bills have been able to deliver. My advice? USE SPILLER!