Apr 23,2014

From the Owner’s Box: Trending

What’s trending this spring (off-season report):
Regular season release, a Seahawks separation, stimulating bone marrow, Freeman better self-start this season, and DHB flips a switch.

Hut, Hut, How much longer? The 2014 Regular Season Schedule has been announced!
*The ladies at Pigskin ‘N Pearls put it perfectly when they tweeted, “What other sport can light up its fan base…by releasing a schedule? Just one more reason the NFL is King.”

He got the trophy; she lost the ring.
*After two years of wedded bliss, Russell Wilson give his old lady the boot.

Is Travis Kelce ever coming off the bench in my dynasty league?
*Chiefs beat writer, Herbie Teope, breaks down microfractures and plots out the healing process.

There’s a quarterback controversy in NY! No, the OTHER NY team!
*Not really, but could you imagine this dude’s mug if there was one?

DHB sees the light!
*The seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft might not be able to keep a ball, but he does deliver on his promises.