Mar 30,2015

Expert Trophies and Rankings

There are a lot of reasons to play fantasy football. Some people enjoy the social aspect of the game. Others are thrilled to have an excuse to watch every slated outing of professional pigskin. Regardless of what attracts an individual to fantasy, the one thing that every enthusiast has in common is a desire to win. And there’s no better physical manifestation of being a fantasy bad ass than a trophy.

Mike Rigz of Gridiron Experts compiled a list of Fantasy Football Trophies that is shirt-poppingly good. In addition to cataloging twelve pieces of handsome hardware, Rigz also includes tips on how to select an award that best represents your FF league. It may seem early, but draft season is just around the corner. Click HERE to start upgrading your crew’s hardware now.

And while daydreaming about where you’re going to showcase your new trophy, don’t forget that you have to dominate your league first. Gridiron Experts has also put together a monster list of rankings from some of the most prolific minds in the business. Scheduled to post on April 1st, this debate is going to be epic. I was included and… spoiler alert… I’m not as keen on Carlos Hyde as everyone else. Stay tuned… and WIN BIG!