Jan 13,2015

Divisional Round: No Crow, Just Told Ya So

Scout-150x150What a way to end her Eating Crow and Told Ya So series. Liz Loza nailed her final two picks, although they were both eliminated from the postseason. Such is life in Fantasy Football.

The postseason is all about quality over quantity. My picks in the playoffs were obviously fewer, but they were both spot on. Having kept myself accountable throughout the year, I feel as satisfied as a Lions fan to close out the last real week of fantasy with two solid predictions. I’ll have an X-Factor up this week for those die-hards still trying to get high on the last fumes of fantasy fun, but from here on out it’s all about dynasty and 2015.


QB Joe Flacco, BAL
In the most thrilling game of the divisional round, Flacco exposed the Patriots’ defense, completing 28 of 45 passes for nearly 300 yards and a whopping four touchdowns. The former Blue Hen was impressively poised and fantastically aggressive. While his desire to go deep was appreciated by all of those watching, it did lead to a key interception in the waning minutes that ultimately preserved the victory for New England…

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