Dec 7,2009

Devin Thomas: blessed, but not quite a Saint

Saturday night marked my first holiday party of the season. While sipping on an incredibly delicious and potent vodka concoction at Bar Lubitsch, I ran into a dear friend who is also a die hard Redskins fan. Without even a moment’s hesitation he proclaimed, “I have a prediction for you Football Girl. Mark my words, the Redskins will beat the Saints tomorrow.” Intrigued by his steadfast confidence, I engaged him and asked for a more detailed analysis. He went on to explain that if anyone was going to beat the Saints (other than the Pats) it would be the Redskins – not only because of their highly rated pass defense, but also because of the timing of this particular game. He reminded me that the Saints had just come off of a hugely emotional win, had a short work week in which they would have to travel to FedEx Field, and were probably underestimating the floundering Washington offense.

I thought about his theory and decided that perhaps he was on to something. We’ve all seen monster teams with perfect records fall to lesser organizations. I mean, even the Raiders have won a few games this season (Eagles, Bengals, and now Steelers). And none of us can forget the way the Giants stunned the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. So it was possible – not probable – but possible.

Imagine my delight and surprise on Sunday morning when I tuned in to see the Redskins up 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. As the game progressed, I thought holy sh*t this might just… oh wait… em… really?… oops… not gonna happen. Hearts broke all over the greater DC area and fans in Louisiana were able to breathe again as the Saints bested the Skins in unexpected and riveting show of grit, controversial calls, key mistakes, and breakout performances.

It can easily be said that wide receiver Robert Meachem won the game for the Saints while kicker Shaun Suisham lost it for the Redskins. If you played Meachem, who is definitely on a roll and one of Drew Brees‘ fave red zone options, then congrats. If you’d like to pick him up… good luck. He’s roughly 60-70% owned in most leagues and probably not available to any competitive fantasy franchise. On the other hand, if you have Suisham and didn’t drop him after the WASH vs DAL game… you’re an idiot. And if either Jim Zorn or Dan Snyder happen to be reading this, that’s for you too.

The most exciting break out performance of the day, however, has to go to Devin Thomas. The second year WR out of Michigan State became Jason Campbell‘s most consistent and frequent target. He had seven receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns. While most Santana Moss owners (myself included) shook their heads and fists in disbelief and frustration, Thomas showed that he has real starting potential. As of right now, he’s about 2% owned in most leagues. While he might become a hot commodity in the next few weeks as the Redskins attempt to redeem themselves, I wouldn’t advise rushing out to pick him up. However, you’ll want to keep an eye on him and remember his name in next year’s draft. For some of us – Redskins fans and fantasy owners alike – the next few weeks are just fodder for a better go of it in 2010.