Sep 23,2013

Five secrets from The Fantasy Football Girl to help you fall in love with football

“When September rolls around, it can be marked by some perennial truths: back to school, changing leaves and the return of football. When it comes to women and football, lines are drawn in the sand between females that bleed their teams colors and those who can not tell a “flea-flicker” from a “read-option” quarterback.”

From MOVE LifeStyle –
Conquer Your Fear of Football: 5 Ways to Learn to Love the Game

When Jenn Wong of MOVE LifeStyle – an online magazine for the modern working woman – asked to interview me for an article about women and football, I jumped at the opportunity. As a gridiron groupie herself, Jenn was surprised to learn that many women have an actual fear of football. Despite their intelligence and ambition some ladies simply have a Jake Long sized block about this most American of pastimes. Having read an earlier blog of mine on this same topic, Jenn enlisted me in an attempt to address this most unfortunate of issues. Here’s hoping we helped reduce the anxiety and the up the excitement!