Playing the Field

Contrary to popular belief there is no off-season in football. Whether she’s making over superfans or interviewing the leagues brightest stars, The FF Girl is on the move year round. Always down for an “off the field” report, Liz is excited to venture beyond fantasy and move into the lifestyle space. Below are a few of her more creative features.


Playing the FieldPlaying the Field

Discussing Ladies and the League on HLN Weekend Express

Over the past few years, fantasy football has exploded in popularity. Gone are the days of being teased for studying draft guides and ranking players. Nowadays even professional athletes like Julius Thomas and Maurice Jones-Drew are giving “fake” football fans the thumbs up. What’s surprising to some, however, is the fact that so many women are manning their own leagues. READ MORE


Playing the FieldPlaying the Field

The Fantasy Football Girl hits the Orange Carpet!

What would happen if the ESPYs and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards had a baby? Well… it would look a lot like the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice SPORTS Awards. I was lucky enough to cover Nick’s maiden voyage into the world of celebrity sports, and let me tell you… it ROCKED. From a bright orange colored carpet to David Beckham being slathered in gold colored slime, the network pulled out all of the stops. READ MORE


Playing the FieldPlaying the Field

The Fantasy Football Girl covers the 2014 ESPYs Kickoff Party

If you had told me when I started this site five years ago that I’d be invited to interview some of the NLF’s most talented and well respected players I would have bought you beer and demanded to know more. Seriously though, being a part of the 2014 ESPYS experience was a great honor. I had the opportunity to chat with Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Earl Thomas, Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon, Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas, and a host of other amazing athletes and celebrities. READ MORE


Playing the FieldPlaying the Field

Off The Field Report: Football Chains

Like most girls, I like shiny things. Particularly when they come wrapped in a small package and can be worn around my neck, on my finger, or in my ears. That being said, I’m also super into gritty grass stains and all things pigskin. Naturally, when I heard that two former NFL pros had started a line of jewelry using their personal collection of regulation game balls, I simply had to get a closer look. READ MORE


Playing the FieldPlaying the Field

The Fantasy Football Girl covers the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival

All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival. Having experience in both the film and sports industries, I was thrilled to not only be part of the jury, but also to learn that there existed a festival combining two of my favorite things! READ MORE