Oct 18,2009

Braylon Edwards: Douche Chills and Mad Skills

I don’t care who he punched or why he was traded, Braylon Edwards is better off out of Cleveland and in New York. I mean, aren’t most people?

For the record, I don’t like this guy. And since a picture is a worth a thousand words, here’s why…


He’s a punk who has a lot of potential, but no follow through. If he bothered to hustle his ass on the field as much as he wags his tongue at the clubs then maybe he’d actually get the respect he so loudly demands. That being said, I don’t need to like my wide receivers… I just need to win with them.

In his first game on Monday night with the Jets, Edwards played like the Pro-Bowl-just-doing-his-job-and-staying-relatively-quiet-like-it-was-2007 version of himself. He looked sharp and focused, catching five receptions for 64 yards and scoring a touchdown. One example of this new resolve was an incredible 34 yard catch for a TD that was later called back. While #17 didn’t end up getting the points, he did set up a 1 yard touchdown run for Thomas Jones, giving the Jets a 3 point lead. With the exception of a competent quarterback, New York’s offense appears similar to Cleveland’s, creating an easy breezy learning curve for the newly acquired WR. Plus, he looks simply smashing in green.


While it probably won’t last forever, the new Jet is set to make things happen for himself and the fantasy world. Let’s just hope those rumors about LeBron going to the Knicks aren’t actually true…