Oct 4,2009

Back It On Up

Is it me or have QBs been dropping like panties at the NKOTB reunion tour?

Jordan Knight (my fave New Kid) and me (with brown hair)

Jordan Knight (my fave New Kid) and me

That’s right. I went. TWICE. And I may or may not have dropped my panties. Ok, I didn’t actually drop my panties, but I totally could have.

But back to the point at hand…

Between my two different FF leagues I have five quarterbacks — four of which aren’t playing this week.

Despite the fact that my 1st and 2nd string QBs got knocked out in the first 2 weeks of the season, I’m doing just fine in Evertrue. Thankfully, Mark Sanchez has kept me alive while McNabb and Hasselbeck check out retirement communities nurse rib injuries.

On the other hand, in Noobs, I’m in a bit of trouble. For the past three weeks I’ve been starting Matt Ryan with Chad Pennington on my bench. Well, now we’re going into week 4 and Atlanta is on a bye. That means I’ve got to sub in the Dolphins’ QB, right? Wrong. Last week Pennington busted up his already mangled right shoulder and is out for the season (and maybe even forever).

So what’s a girl to do? Simple. Time to scrounge around for left overs like a virgin on the last day of sleep away camp. And while that’s no easy task, I did manage to find Nicholas Ha*ris in Cabin 4 Shaun Hill.

Shaun Hill is the ultimate in underdogs. He was barely recruited out of high school and ended up attending a community college until the University of Maryland gave him a chance his junior year. Out of college he was once again undrafted, but after three long years and one even longer season playing for the Amsterdam Admirals (NFL Europe), he managed to sign with the Vikings as a free agent. In Minnesota, he earned the illustrious position of 3rd string back up until making a lateral move to San Francisco the following season in 2006. Sadly, Hill didn’t see his first NFL start until 2007, but even that was short lived after being sidelined with a back injury. It wasn’t really until Mike Singletary replaced Mike Nolan that Hill got his shot.

I want to root for this guy. I want him to have a phenomenal breakthrough and give the world, especially ex-coaches Nolan and Martz a giant eff you. Is that going to happen? Probably not… but it definitely could.

It’s no secret that Singletary manages a run-based offense, but with Gore out Hill is going to have to step up and shoulder more of the responsibility. That means continuing to target fellow Terrapin Vernon Davis and WR Josh Morgan. It seems Jimmy Raye’s promise to utilize the middle is beginning to pay off, since last week Davis had 2 TDs and 96 yards. Morgan remains more inconsistent, but I have a feeling that might change this week with Hill’s options being more limited. Furthermore, the 49ers are facing off against their 0-3 rivals the St. Louis Rams, whose defense has looked anything but solid.

While I don’t believe Hill to be a fantasy starter, he’s a fine back-up. This week should prove to be a particularly good opportunity for the former 3rd string QB to quiet the doubters and also further ingratiate himself to not only his team, but also the coaching staff. After last week’s loss to the Vikings, San Fran is looking for a boost. I’ve got the faith that Hill can lead this team of fellow underdogs to victory. Hopefully he does too.