Apr 2,2014

An Unrivaled way to get your off-season Fantasy Fix

Football fans! I’ve got juicy news!

DJax appears to be trading Society Hill for Capitol Hill. The Patriots are eying not two, but THREE of the most talked about quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. And Michael Strahan can’t stop getting rich.

Yeah… so that last one was a stretch. But, seriously, what else is going on? (And spare me the Major Wright back to Lovie and the Bucs drama.)

Let’s be real. This time of year sucks. The free agency frenzy is winding down and the NFL Draft isn’t for another five weeks. So what’s a fantasy football fanatic (with a busted March Madness Bracket) to do?

Well… I have a solution.

Introducing, Rivalry Games. This mobile app is seriously one of the coolest and most innovative platforms I’ve seen within the daily fantasy space. It’s totally different from the standard daily fare in that you only have to play for ONE game. That’s right. They’ve taken a niche and made it even more niche. It’s kind of like Tinder for your fantasy addiction… only instead of an STD you can win fantasy points or even cash! Who doesn’t like that?

Now I totally get that fantasy football is the best, but hoops is what’s happening right now. So rather than wasting your time debating whether or not Mark Sanchez is going to give Nick Foles any competition next season, just download the app and make basketball season so much more enjoyable. After all, you only have to commit to ONE game (which is more than Derrick Rose can say).

To help ease you through the off-season doldrums, the kind folks at Rivalry have set up a FREE tournament. Be sure to look for the header with my mug and logo on it. Then follow these simple instructions:

1. Download Rivalry Fantasy Sports from the App Store (iOS) OR Play on the mobile website (Android/all other phones).
2. Log in through Facebook (not required, but playing with/against friends is more fun!)
3. Find the Oklahoma City @ Houston game on the home screen. Click to enter.
4. Select 4 players. (Yes! Just 4 players.)
5. Set your draft.
6. Feel the fantasy rush sweep over you.

The above tournament can win you 3,500 Fantasy Points (FP). If, however, you’re looking to make a little extra beer money then use the promo code “FFGirl100” when you log in. This code will give you up to $100 in bonus cash when you make a deposit. You can deposit as little as $1, but the code is only good for your first deposit.

Either way, know that on Friday night while the thunder claps and the rockets explode, the rosiness will return to my cheeks and I will once again feel the wondrous rush of fantasy. Hope to virtually see you there for some Candy Crush meets fantasy addiction awesomeness.

Until then… WIN BIG!!!