Oct 1,2009

An Open Letter to “I’m Gonna Git U”

Dear I’m Gonna Git U Fantasy Owner,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your unwavering support and constant belief in my FF picks. After three seasons of competing against each other in Noobs, you were one of the first people to encourage me to start this blog. Your enthusiasm is awesome and has touched me deeply.

On a side note, I’m also flattered that you’ve recently begun to look into my eyes, rather than at my chest, when we speak in person. You’re a real peach and I adore you.

That being said, I owe you an apology…

When you called me in a panic early on Sunday morning, asking which WR to play, I was a bit hungover taken aback. You were quite vexed over who to bench. Should you sit the new go-to-guy in Jacksonville or Philly’s best wide out option?

In retrospect, I should have taken a moment, figured out where the hell I was composed myself, and asked to call you back. Instead, I looked at the clock and did what Andy Reid should have done in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX. Sorry dude, but I panicked.

Given that Yahoo! had projected a 20 point victory over your opponent, I surmised it was best to proceed cautiously. Between Vick’s much ballyhooed return and the fact that McNabb was still out with a busted rib, I wasn’t sure what kind of plays the Eagles would be calling, running, or even attempting. While DeSean Jackson certainly looked to be a hot target for backup QB Kolb, I was anxious about the reality of his scoring potential.

The situation in Jacksonville, however, seemed more clear cut. After Troy Williamson suffered a season ending arm/shoulder injury opposite the Cardinals, Mike Sims-Walker earned a big promotion and took the field as the new No. 2 receiver. With Torry Holt in constant coverage, I felt Sims-Walker would emerge as David Garrard’s best and only deep threat. And for the most part he did, earning a team-high six receptions for 81 yards in Sunday’s win at Houston.

Unfortunately, what the bastard didn’t do was score a 64 yard touchdown… like DeSean Jackson.

So I’m sorry. I was wrong. In fact, I was wrong by a total of 14.8 Yahoo! fantasy points. To be fair, DeSean Jackson’s numbers couldn’t have saved you since you lost by a whopping 39.10 points, but that’s besides the point. I broke my number one fantasy rule and it bit me you in the ass. Never play conservatively. Play for the thrill. Jackson would have been the gutsy move and I advised you to puss out. Boo on me.

That being said, I look forward to facing off against you this coming weekend. Maybe vengance will be yours. Maybe not. In any case, you should definitely start Frank Gore. He’s primed to have a FABULOUS game.

With Best Wishes,
The Fantasy Football Girl