Sep 20,2009

Aftermath… it doesn’t add up to much

Last week was tough… and not just because I had to spend Sunday at a freaking wedding in Santa Barbara. Seriously, who gets married on the first day of the regular season a Sunday? In Santa Barbara? At a hotel where the bar doesn’t show football, but does have croquet sets available to rent? Yeah, you read that right. Effing croquet. Thankfully, the bride’s lack of interest in football will prevent her from ever reading this post.

But, I digress…

Last week was tough… I lost Anthony Gonzalez and Donovan McNabb, but still managed to squeak out a victory in Evertrue. Thanks to a good showing from Kevin Smith and a completely uninformed opponent, Soldier for Ditka got a week one win.

However, in Total Noobs, I took a beating. It didn’t help that Chris Johnson had to battle the best run defense in the league or that I went head to head against Drew Brees, but like I told myself on prom night, time to stop crying and start making adjustments.

And so, I spent the week doing just that.

After getting screwed a few times due to a new waiver wire rule, I was finally able to pick up Chansi Stuckey and Hank Baskett in an attempt to replace Gonzalez. I’m going to start Stuckey with the hopes that he and Sanchez can get a rhythm going. If that doesn’t happen, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Baskett can figure things out this week and become a real threat/replacement by next Sunday.

I’ve also decided to bench Santana Moss. I had him in as my flex player, but I’m not feeling it. Now that LT is out, I’m putting Sproles in as my flex and expecting to dominate. I know the Chargers are facing off against the Ravens, but truth be told, I think Baltimore’s D is overrated. In fact, I decided to drop them and pick up the Colts who look fantastic and have been widely undrafted.

We’ll see what that does, but if worst comes worst, Janikowski is always available. 🙂