Jan 28,2014

A Thank You Contest: From us to you!

The date was September 19th, 2010. The Cowboys were playing their first regular-season game in a stadium so over-the-top and grid-sucking that the global-warming impact drowned at least 4 polar bears. Ironically, Dallas was hosting the Chicago Bears, a team that slays Lions but really becomes incensed at the threatening of fellow Ursidaes.

I excitedly drove to Barney’s Beanery in Burbank, hoping the Monsters of the Midway would indeed Mess with Texas. When I arrived at the bar, my friend Amy introduced me to her crew of pigskin-loving pals. Among them was a handsome guy whose looks were only slightly diminished by his Raiders jersey. His name was John. And I liked him.

Shortly thereafter, the conversation was flowing and the chilaquiles were congealing both in my gut and on my plate. This John fellow was holding his own. He knew a lot about craft beer and even more about fantasy football. The pleasantries escalated into full-on debate. He remarked that PPR was the format of the future. I balked. He added that Anquan Boldin was overrated. I rolled my eyes.

This back and forth went on for a few hours. He cheered for my Bears (they won, by the way) and I applauded his Raiders (who managed to best the Rams). Now whether it was the chilaquiles, the MGD 64 or the rush of fantasy dominance, I will never know, but I did have the distinct feeling that something was happening between us. I was sure we weren’t ever going to make out, but we were definitely going to do something together. It was then that Amy turned to us and said, “Enough already. You guys should just start a podcast and get it over with.”

The next season we did. (For the record, we’ve also never made out.)

As our third season together comes to a close, we want to thank all of our listeners for helping us get this far. Your messages and tweets have helped us to not only grow the X’s and Y’s Podcast but shape it into something we really love doing. We feel more pride in the fantasy victories you’ve achieved than our own. We’re touched that you would grant us even a little bit of the credit for good decisions you’ve made.

In an attempt to express our gratitude, while also reaching more fantasy diehards, we’ve created a fun contest to cap off the year. Most of you are already aware of a video I shot about a new line of football-inspired jewelry for men and women called Football Chains. I have one Football Chain left to give away. John and I thought we’d offer it up to the X’s and Y’s faithful!

All you have to do is write a (positive) review about the show on iTunes between now and Tuesday, February 4th. We’ll select someone at random and announce the lucky winner on next Wednesday’s show.

If you’ve enjoyed this year’s adult mouth fun and believe in the power of the panties, then go ahead and tell the Internet. (It’d be great if you mention some football stuff too, but we don’t want to get greedy.) If you’re lucky, we’ll send you a Football Chain. Sounds like a good deal to me!