Sep 9,2009

A Sleeper QB I’d like to sack

Q: Which former USC MVP and current NFL QB is hotter than Tom Brady, younger than Jamarcus Russell, and actually starting this season?

A: NOT Matt Leinhart

Real A: Mark Sanchez


Holy Hell is this kid sexy… and playing for the exact right team.

Most fantasy owners stay away from rookie quarterbacks. And who can blame them? After the sh*t show injuries that Leinhart put on suffered in his first two seasons with the Cardinals it took a vet like Warner to bring Arizona back to championship status. In Cleveland, Brady Quinn MIGHT finally be starting this season, but that’s after two years of riding the bench and whining about reps. Fantasy owners who bought the hype on these rookies (when they were actually rookies) also ended up buying the farm on their fantasy seasons.

While Leinhart and Quinn are examples of all promise and no reward, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco illustrate just how studly a rookie QB can be. Last season these two freshman lit it up, leading not just the Falcons and the Ravens, but also their respective fantasy teams to the playoffs.

So what did they have that the others didn’t? Well, a lot of things… like humility, respect, the sense not date Paris Hilton or chew gum after being selected in the NFL draft… but that’s another post all together.

Matt Ryan had a great RB in Michael Turner. And Joe Flacco had a killer defense in the Ravens. Mark Sanchez has BOTH in the Jets.

Not only has Sanchez been sweet and respectful to all of the lady reporters, he’s also had a pretty great pre-season. Yes, there was some deer in the headlights shakiness in his opener against the Ravens, but only one game later Sanchez dazzled opposite the Giants. He’s got a strong arm, great mobility, and pearly whites that will soon be endorsing toothpaste nationwide.

For whatever reason, he’s going undrafted in a lot of leagues so there’s no need to scoop him up early. I noticed this in Evertrue and dropped my back-up defense to make room for him on the bench. Make sure to stock up on as many quality RBs and WRs as you can before grabbing Sanchez as your BACK-UP (let’s not get too crazy) QB. Make a play for him in the 12th or 13th round if your byes work out. It might take him a few weeks to find a rhythym – but if Thomas Jones keeps running and the Jets Defense doesn’t spring any leaks – “Gang Green” fans and fantasy owners will be dreaming about this sleeper.